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3D Printing: Checklist

Tutorials and tips for clients using 3D printing service


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  • Is it an STL file?
  • Is it less than 20MB?
  • Is the print job less than 200 x 150 x 140 mm?
  • Have you named your file in the format 'firstname_lastname'? e.g. John_Smith.stl
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  • Has this file ever been printed before?
  • Sites like Thingiverse will give an indication of the number of times a file has been successfully printed.
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Has it been checked for errors?

  • Slic3r will automatically identify and fix certain errors.
  • See the information on using Slic3r to check for errors on the Troubleshooting page.
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Who owns the copyright for your model?

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Is it appropriate?

  • Use of the Library’s 3D printing service is for lawful purposes only: users must abide by all applicable laws and University policies.

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