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AMA 10th Referencing Guide: The Author's name is complicated?

Referencing guide for the 10th Edition for AMA Style

AMA Style

Author Names

Q. My author's first name is hyphenated. How do I format that?

A. Hyphenate the initials.  Mary-Anne Smith becomes Smith M-A.


Q. My author's surname as a "von" in it.  Do I capitalise the "v"?

A. If surnames have prefixes, you keep the capitalisation as the author wrote it.  Adrian von der Gruen becomes von der Gruen A, and Michelle Van Helsing becomes Van Helsing M.


Q. My author's name has a "Jr" in it.  Do I include it, and where does it go?

A. Suffixes in names go after the surname and before the initials.  Joseph Davros Jr becomes Davros Jr J, and Teofrastus Augustus Worthington-Smythe III becomes Worthington-Smythe III TA.

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