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BA1001: Time, Truth, and the Human Condition Guide: Research Sources

JCU Library and The Learning Centre resources to help you with your BA1001 assessment tasks

Identifying quality research sources

Peer-reviewed item Identifying quality sources tips
Journal articles
Inadmissible: Book reviews, encyclopedia and Wikipedia entries
  • Is the article’s purpose sharing research or entertainment?
  • Take advantage of peer-review limits when searching in databases and One Search
  • Are the authors affiliated with a University or similar organisation?
  • Does the article have an extensive reference list?
  • Are there features like an abstract, keywords, other major sections like methodology, discussion?
  • Scholarly articles are generally 10+ pages.
Book or book chapter
  • Is the book’s purpose sharing research or entertainment?
  • Was the book published by a university press?
  • Check publisher websites to see if they specialise in publishing academic works, e.g. Routledge, Cengage, Pearson.
  • Are the authors affiliated with a University or similar organisation?
  • Does the book/chapter have an extensive reference list?

Tutorial activity

These worksheets will help you get started finding information sources for your Research Sources.

Assessment task 2.3: Types of information sources

  • one (1) peer-reviewed academic book or book chapter
  • one (1) peer-reviewed journal article

Book reviews, encyclopedia or Wikipedia entries (either in print or online formats) are NOT to be included.

You may want to use these research sources for your poster assignment, so choose carefully.

Assessment task 2: Research source annotation typical components

Topic Identify the topic
Information source
  • Identify the type of source (i.e. book, book chapter or journal article)
  • How you located the source (e.g. One Search, or a database such as ProQuest, Informit, J-Stor)
APA citation An APA reference of your selected information source 

A summary should be brief and highlight the key arguments and ideas contained in the source


Analyses the evaluation of the reliability and credibility of your source


An assessment of the usefulness of the source for the topic

Publication details (scan or photo):

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