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RH1002: Communication Skills for Health Professionals Guide: Additional Resources

Example of a good health assessment interview

Good points from this interview

The nurse has prepared well and has a list of questions with her

  • Maintains good eye contact with patient
  • Listens and reflects back what is said
  • Matches the posture of the patient
  • Uses non verbal communication with nods and hands
  • Gives the patient her whole attention

Interview process

These are some of the types of tools you can use

  • Open ended questions
  • Closed questions
  • Leading questions
  • Silence
  • Why questions

more information about tools that can be used for the interview process

Lauster, C.D. & Srivastava, S.B. (2014). Fundamental skills for patient care in pharmacy practice. Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Example of a bad interview

Bad points from this interview

The nurse didn't

  • Listen to the patient
  • Take any notice of non verbal signs eg. stomach rubbing
  • Use eye contact to establish a good rapport
  • Summarise the issue in the patient's words


What do you want to find out in your interview?

Signs/Symptoms reported by the patient.
Past Medical History
Last Oral Intake
Events leading to this episode of injury or illness.

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