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Readings at JCU

How to get the most out of your subject readings at JCU

Create a profile

Go to the Readings home page

Note: You can only create a profile for yourself, as it is linked to your login. If you are creating lists on behalf of other staff you will each need a profile, see this FAQ for how to assign an owner to your list.

1. Click login.You may be asked for your JCU UserID and password

2. Create a profile (first time users only)

i. Select Create a profile from the top menu bar

ii. Enter your name, email address, description (academic) and main discipline*

iii. Choose My profile is public under Privacy so students can search and find your lists

iv. Save profile


Invitations to roles in Readings

All JCU academic staff automatically have the role of List Publisher allowing them to Create lists. 

However, you can only edit and publish a list created by someone else through invitations.

Inviting List Publishers:

From the Main/Student view of your list select the Edit drop down menu and 'Invite list publishers'

Complete the invitation form entering one or more JCU email addresses and editing the message if required.


Accepting an invitation:

You do need a profile to get started with Readings. The following assumes you have either accepted an invitation by email, or gone straight to the the site and followed the steps in 'Create a profile'.

There are further invitations that will be sent to you regarding the role of either being the owner, or publisher of a list, or lists. 

The simplest approach here is to log in to your Readings account, click on your name and select View profile from here you can accept all the invitations you have been sent. Below are two screenshots showing this.
















All invitations are emailed to you, however logging in directly and accepting roles achieves the same thing as clicking on the invitation in the email.


In the profile area you can manage your reading intentions, set your preferred referencing style, access your Notes, Roles and Invites


Once your profile is complete you can link to an existing reading list in your LearnJCU subject site following these instructions.

Video: Introduction to Readings and Creating a Profile

The relevant part of this video explaining how to setup your profile starts at 2.00 minutes in. 


This video is captioned. Click the CC icon under the video to display captions.Show captions in Youtube playback

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