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Guidance, Counselling and Career Development Guide: Pecha Kucha

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Pecha Kucha (chit chat)

Pecha Kucha is a style of PowerPoint presentation, developed in Japan in 2003, which has spread throughout the world. The name means chit chat in Japanese and the aim of the movement is to put an end to boring presentations everywhere.

The spoken (voice over should be your own voice) content of a pecha kucha presentation should be prepared in the same way as any other presentation. The PowerPoint presentation is slightly different because it runs on a timer and there are strict guidelines about how many slides you can use and how long you show each slide for.


Pecha Kucha style means you have 20 slides, which appear for 20 seconds each (that's a total of 6.6666 minutes for your entire presentation). The slides run on a timer and change automatically. You set this up using PowerPoint (see the links below for advice on how to create self-running Power Points). During a pecha kucha presentation you have to keep up with the slides, rather than the slides keeping up with you. There is an emphasis on visual content (photos, images, diagrams) and written content on the slides should be kept minimal.

The keys to a good pecha kucha presentations are:

  • Timing
  • Interesting, relevant images
  • Clear and relevant spoken content
  • Practice, and
  • Having fun.

Practice with your slides, a lot. Wow your audience with your content and above all have fun - a pecha kucha presentation is a performance, so own it!

For further information on the pecha kucha style and creating a timed PowerPoint presentations, check out the links below.

Pecha Kucha

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