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Creative Arts Guide: Zines

Find targeted resources for research and referencing

What is a zine?

Zine is short for "fanzine."  A zine is self-expression, in booklet form, without much regard for profit.  You can go to the zinewiki for a fuller definition and history, but remember; zines are self-published and mean something to the person who makes them.

Image: Zine Symposium - Russell Square London 2006 by sczel

What isn't a zine?

What isn’t a zine?

First of all, zines are not blogs.

 A good guide for what isn’t a zine comes from who say that these factors help them determine what isn’t a zine:

  • Has an ISBN or ISSn
  • Has a masthead
  • Not self-distributed
  • Has a third-person bio
  • Not self-published (!)
  • Motivated by desire for fame or fortune
  • Makes a distinct profit
  • Price ends in .95
  • Has a spine
  • Has any paid staff
  • Reads like the author is auditioning for a book deal

Not a zine. (2007) Retrieved from

Image: Valentine's Day at the Library: Self Help by Grace Fell

Zine Resources

Learn About Zines:

How to make a zine!

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