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ED1421 Foundations of Language and Literacy in Education: Essay Exemplar

ED1421 student assessment support


Below is a sample of an introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion and reference list from a previous student essay that varies from current year requirements. The essay was awarded a HD according to the marking criteria and standards in that year. The speech bubbles below include feedback and comments from the lecturer, a librarian and learning advisor.

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Assignment task instructions image. Task description Unpacking the essay question

This section also provides key details about your assignment, e.g. due date, weight, etc.

Find out: How to break down your essay question

Find out: About writing a critical essay

This section provides information on key elements required in your final essay - e.g. essay structure.
Marking rubrics let you know how your assignment will be graded, and the boxes below are marking rubric excerpts for this assignment. 
Tick off each section of marking rubrics so you know you have addressed all assignment requirements.


Marking rubric


Marking rubric


Marking rubric

Make a good first impression with a great essay title!


Great title tips:

Five steps to a great title

Writing a research paper title

Essay title



Body paragraph 1 Body paragraph 1 Body paragraph 1

Struggling with academic language?

Check out: Academic Phrasebank

Find out: About writing effective paragraphs

Check out: This awesome video about paraphrasing and summarising
The APA referencing guide will help you create your references

Body paragraph 3


Body paragraph 3Body paragraph 3

Body paragraph 3

Synthesis definition: Combine (a number of things) into a coherent whole; draw together ideas (similar and sometimes contradictory ideas of others)

Using evidence Evidence and systhesis Evidence of synthesis
Find out: How to quote, summarise and paraphrase for synthesis Find out: More about synthesis Check out: This awesome video on evidence


Check out: This awesome video on conclusions

Conclusion Draw conclusions
APA Reference Tips Reference lists Reference lists
Top Tip: Don't leave your referencing to the last minute - reference as you go.

The APA referencing guide will help you create your references

Top Tip: Record citation details (authors, title, url, pages, etc) of all resources as you use them.

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