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iCAS Module 3 - Information Literacy: Getting Started

Information Literacy


Read Chapter 4 (Reading in an academic context), pp. 66-82 & Chapter 5 (Basic academic writing skills), pp. 107-118.


Welcome to Module 3 - Information Literacy Skills:

This module aims to develop your information and research skills including providing information on how to find resources and reference your assignment. It will help you to search quicker and search smarter.

  • The module will take between 1-2 hours to complete
  • There are links in the module that go to the library and other web pages. Please click on these as they will provide valuable information that will help you complete the tasks.
  • Some questions have several sections. The answers are either in the module or you may need to go onto the library website to find the information.


Take Home Messages

take Home Messages

  1. Don't be afraid to ask for help. My job is teaching students how to do research and I'm happy to answer your questions (and so are the other reference librarians). We won't do the research for you, but we'll get you started and explain things when you get bogged down.

  2. Research takes time. Start early and keep at it. And if you find yourself spending a lot of time, see point 1 above.

Library Opening Hours


Library opening hours differ for each campus library and vary depending on the time of year.


Learning Outcomes

In Module 3 you will learn how to : 

  • Develop an effective search strategy
  • Develop skills in accessing information using databases
  • Use a web search engine to find relevant information on a topic
  • Evaluate the quality of information on the Internet
  • Use APA referencing style 

Let's get started:


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