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iCAS Module 5 - Presentations & Exams: Getting Started

Presentations & Exams

About The Author

I am a graduate Primary School Teacher, about to embark on my teaching career in a rural town.


Lyn Mackay provided materials to this module.


Welcome to your first year of university and the next chapter in your life!

My name is Emma Casey and I am a recent Education graduate of James Cook University, Townsville. I can still remember my first day of university and the emotions I felt four years ago. It is a new beginning, which can be quite daunting. In particular, I recall being nervous about the assessment and whether or not the work that I produced would be at a university standard. I am sure you have some similar feelings right now. Rest assured though, since you have made it to a tertiary level of education, it probably means you already have the capability to succeed.

This module will guide you through presentations and examinations, which are two very common assessment practices in Education. I will provide some insight into what I feel is vital for you to know: useful strategies that helped me succeed at university and also important university policies that you need to familiarise yourself with.  

Module Map

Presentation Preparation (Tab One): Learn how to develop successful presentations. 

Stand and Deliver (Tab Two):  Try these strategies and tips to overcome nerves of speaking in front of an audience.

Exam Preparation (Tab Three): Discover the different types of exams that you may come into contact with during your degree and how to prepare responses for each.

Exam Warrior (Tab Four): Explore an exam battle plan.

Final Words (Tab Five):  Recap key elements in the module. I will also provide ten tips for exams and presentations, which I think you should think about when preparing for your assessment. 

Further Reference Text

Read Chapters 10 (Presentations) & Chapter 11 (Examinations) for this module

Module Outcomes

In Module 5 you will learn how to:

Prepare for a presentation
Prepare for upcoming exams
Attack exam questions



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