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Info Skills Road Trip: 1 - Getting started: Getting Started

Tourist Information Center

What's this all about?



Why am I here?

We’ve developed an interactive learning tool specifically for you. It provides an introduction to researching for your assignments. You will learn the basics of unpacking your topic, finding sources, evaluating what you find and referencing to help you on your University journey.  For each module, take a look at the itinerary on the Getting Started page, then work your way through the other tabs in the module. We hope you enjoy your time in Ideas Town, Finders Way, Source City and Credibility Creek.

At the end of every module there is a "road game" on the Rear View page, and a take-home-message on the Post Card page. Each module should only take about 30-40 minutes of your time.  They can be done in order or as stand alone modules.

Keep an eye out for the symbols you can see on the key down the left side of this screen (signposts). They let you know where there is more information to be found by following a link, or where you can find activities to sharpen your skills.

To get started, read the Itinerary on this page.

Watch the introductory video, and then let's get going.

 Your JCU Library team


This module provides a basic overview of the Library.  Here, you will find out about:

  • The library buildings on the different campuses (opening hours, and that sort of stuff)
  • How to contact your subject librarians
  • What resources you can access completely online
  • How to get library books without coming onto campus (Australian mainland only)

I'd recommend that, while you are here, you take the time to read the Before You Start and Getting Help sections, which tell you good information about what to think about when researching for your assignments and how to contact a librarian for help.

Have a quick look at the rest of it, then play the game in the Rear View section before heading off to the other stops on your road trip.


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