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Multimedia Journalism Guide: Newspapers

Find targeted resources for research and referencing

Newspaper databases

Use these databases for the electronic editions of local, regional, and national newspapers as well as full-text content of key international sources - all in one easy-to-search database. 

You will get the full text of articles with complete source information for these and many other newspapers, these are not scans of newspaper pages. The Cairns Post logo

Townsville Bulletin Logo

The Australian logo

Newspapers at JCU Libraries

Referencing newspaper articles

MLA 7th edition.

From a print newspaper

ReporterLastname, ReporterFirstname. "Title of article."  Title of Newspaper DD Month YYYY: page number. Format.


Lawlor, Anne. "Phoenician 'find' makes textbooks ancient history." The Courier Mail 20 July 2000: 3. Print.

From a newspaper website

ReporterLastname, ReporterFirstname. "Title of Article." Newspaper Title DD Month YYYY. Format. Access DD Month YYYY.


Nicholson, Brendan. "Row over 'biblical' weapons in Afghanistan." The Australian 22 January 2010. Web. 22 March 2010.


Historic Australian newspapers at the National Library, 1803-1954

TroveThe National Library of Australia is digitising historic newspapers with full text available online. Coverage is from 1803-1954, and titles and print runs are increasing regularly:

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