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Multimedia Journalism Guide: Websites

Find targeted resources for research and referencing

Keep up

Journalism words

Keep in touch with important journalism topics and resources, as well as Australian websites.

Here are some examples:

Getting the best from a web search

Websites can be very useful, however many websites are not suitable for academic purposes.

In a google search (or other web search tool):


  • Keep your search simple.
  • Use keywords in your searches. For example: hitler germany nazi propaganda
  • Use the search tools in google. For example to find a definition type: define:nazi  or define:communism
  • Read the google (or other web search tool) help notes, both basic search help and more search help.
  • Choose from the list of search results carefully. Go to sites with edu, ac, gov in the web address first.
  • Be very careful of commercial sites which are trying to sell you a product or service.
  • Watch the C.R.A.A.P. video in the Evaluating Sources LibGuide to find out more on assessing websites for academic suitability. Read the other pages in the guide for more details.
  • Use wikipedia to gain basic understanding and to provide better keywords for more demanding searches using One Search and databases. Both links are on the Library website home page.


  • Type your essay question into the search box - every word counts in the search and some words will confuse the search engine.
  • Make references to wikipedia in your assessment item.

Research your facts

Journalism excellence

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