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Keys to Academic Success: Referencing Bootcamp

Active learning is the key to success at university. Our team of learning advisers have created a series of resources to guide you through your first year of university.

Referencing and academic integrity

The InfoSkills Toolkit has a useful module you can work through. It explains referencing, academic integrity and avoiding plagiarism.

InfoSkills Toolkit

JCU Referencing Guides

Make sure you find the right style for your subject, then find the right guide on the JCU Library's Referencing pages.

Plagiarism in the News?

Does anyone in the "real world" really care about plagiarism?  Well, yes.  A couple of years ago, when Melania Trump's speech to the Republican National Convention appeared to be plagiarising a speech delivered by Michelle Obama, people were saying the speech writer should be fired. 

Why?  Because when you write for a living, you're expected to do it well and with integrity. 

As university students, writing assignments is what you are doing for a "job".  Treat it seriously.

The Cornell Method of critical note-taking

The Cornell Method of note-taking encourages you to take critical notes when reading journal articles, course readings and text book chapters. This note-taking template can also be used to make notes in lectures, tutorials, practicals and workshops.  Instead of making pages and pages of notes, this framework encourages you to indentify main themes and concepts, key notes, quotes, examples and evidence while drawing conclusions and examining implications of what you are reading.

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