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NS2015 Law & Ethics for Nursing & Midwifery: Analysing your assessment task

Unpack your assignment topic

The video below shows how to break down an assessment topic.

This example is not for your law and ethics assessment tasks, but you can apply the skills to ANY assignment.

Scroll down to the boxes below to get tips on how to do this process for your own law and ethics assessment task.

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Assessment task 1: Keywords


Mrs. Barcroft is a 79 year old widower with multiple health problems who lives alone. Her daughter is concerned about a recent deterioration in her mother’s mental status. Mrs. Barcroft has been admitted to hospital with a diagnosed chest infection, has reportedly been incontinent of urine, and appears to have an infected ulcer on her right ankle. Staff also noted she seemed quite confused. You have been assigned to care for this lady, together with a Registered Nurse. In the morning, you both approach Mrs. Barcroft to get her out of bed for a shower, and plan to dress her ulcerated ankle afterwards. She reacts by loudly calling out and swearing at both you and the RN, who responds loudly saying “You have wet the bed and must come for a shower”. The nurse throws back the bedclothes, grabs Mrs. Barcroft by the arm and attempts to swing her legs out of the bed. In doing so, she bumps her ulcerated ankle, causing her to cry out in pain, lash out and strike the nurse in the face. This is the assignment context.

The nurse yells “How dare you!” and slaps Mrs. Barcroft sharply on the arm, before storming off angrily stating “Wait until I report this, you’ll be sorry.” You are left alone with Mrs. Barcroft, who tearily asks, “You’re not going to hit me too are you?”This is the assignment context.


Drawing upon components of the C.A.R.E.R. framework, and one of the one of the four principal elementsThis is a term you will need to investigate to find the keywords to search. within either the ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses or the ICM Code of Ethics for Midwives, discussThis is a task word, telling you what to do how the care of Mrs. Barcroft by the RN fell below the standard required. In your discussion, also include reference to This is a task word, telling you what to relevant sections of the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights (2nd Edition).

A minimum of 5 peer-reviewed referencesThis limits the type of results you can use. (i.e. journal articles or textbooks) must be used to support your discussion. This is a formal academic essay and should be written in the third person, in continuous prose.

What you need to know - Principal elements

Resources for Nursing

Code of ethics for nursing

  1. Nurses and people
  2. Nurses and practice
  3. Nurses and the profession
  4. Nurses and co-workers

Code of conduct for nurses

Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights (2nd Edition)

Resources for Midwives

Code of ethics for midwives

  1. ​Midwifery Relationships
  2. Practice of Midwifery
  3. The Professional Responsibilities of Midwives
  4. Advancement of Midwifery Knowledge and Practice

Code of conduct for midwives

Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights (2nd Edition)

What you need to know

Resources for Nursing

Registered nurse standards for practice

Resources for Midwives

Midwife standards for practice

We acknowledge the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and acknowledge Traditional Owners of the lands where our staff and students, live, learn and work.Acknowledgement of Country