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Getting the most out of One Search, refine your search, get full text, advanced options, troubleshooting tips and help.

What is One Search?

One Search is a 'web scale discovery tool'. It uses Proquest's Summon 2.0 technology.

It is a single searchable index for Library resources regardless of:

Format (book, journal, ejournal article, digital thesis, online newspaper, streaming video or DVD, subject Libguide or library information), or;

Location (on a shelf in the library, in ResearchOnline, on a streaming media platform, on an electronic publishers web site, in an open access digital repository, on the library's web site).

The fundamental idea is you ask One Search the topic you are interested in and Summon tells you everything the Library has access to on that topic. You choose if you want only some formats, or a particular range of creation dates, or material related to a specific discipline.

By default One Search searches what you have access to as part of the JCU community (0.5 billion+ items), but that search can be expanded to include all material in Summon added by Proquest and other institutions (1.3 billion+ items) which may be available either Open Access or via Inter Library Loan.

One Search also helps you understand your topic apart from the items it lists in your search results, it will provide:

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