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About One Search: Saving Your Searches

Getting the most out of One Search, refine your search, get full text, advanced options, troubleshooting tips and help.

Save Searches in One Search using Google Drive

1. Enter your search into One Search.

2. Select the Save search icon (star) that appears within the search box.


3. Name the search and select the Sign in with Microsoft or Google buttons.

4. Sign in to your account and select Save.


5. You can view all saved searches by selecting the View Saved Searches icon (You will need to login with Microsoft or Google if you have not already done this).



6. From the Saved Searches page, you can run, rename, or remove saved searches.


7. Select the name of the saved search to see the results of the search (results will include any new resources that fit the search criteria).

8. You can rename saved searches by selecting Rename or remove a search by selecting the cross icon.

9. Select Back to search results to return to your current search results.

10. Remember to sign out of your Microsoft or Google account when you end your session if you are on a public computer. 

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