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About One Search: Searching

Getting the most out of One Search, refine your search, get full text, advanced options, troubleshooting tips and help.


Like Google you can search any combination of words and get results, but to get results that you really want these are some things you should know.

Basic Searching

Phrase Searching

When you search for more than one word One Search will find items that have all those words any where in the item, So a search for

sheep dip

will return over 100,000 results - manythat have the word sheep on one page, and the word dip on a completely different page. To make One Search know you want the words treated as phrase enclose them in quotation marks, e.g.

"sheep dip"

returns about 6,000 records

Truncation and Wild Cards


Search for all the words with the same stem/start by using the asterisk *


will return items that include sustainable, sustainably or sustainability

Wild Card

Search for variant spellings and irregular plurals using the question mark ? to subsitute for a single letter

wom?n (woman or women)

organi?e (organise or organize)


Boolean, Nesting and Proximity


Can all be used in searches (in upper case) and can be used in conjunction with the other search syntax

aboriginal OR indigenous

("sheep dip" AND environ*) NOT (cypermethrin OR organophos*)


To search for documents that have two words close to each other use ~

"programming application"~5

Will find the word documents that have the words programming and application within 5 words of each other, in any order.

So documents with any of these sentence parts would be returned

  • application programming
  • programming a mobile application
  • application for a programming job
  • lack of application to programming tasks


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