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About One Search: Advanced Search

Getting the most out of One Search, refine your search, get full text, advanced options, troubleshooting tips and help.


Advanced Search guides you through more complicated searching and filtering, allowing you to limit your keywords to particular fields and combining field searches with boolean operators and filters.

To get to the advanced search form click on Advanced next to the magnifying glass icon

Link to One Search Advanced search form

If you are viewing on a small screen or small browser window click on the 'hamburger' menu to see the Advanced Search link

Getting to Advanced Search via the Hamburger menu

Using the Advanced Search Form

From the pull down list you pick which field you want to search of Author, Publication Title, Subject Terms, Title, Abstract, Call Number, CODEN, Dewey, DOI, Edition, Full Text, Genre, Geographic Location, ISBN, ISSN, Issue, OCLC Number, Patent Number, Publisher, Series, Time Period or Volume.

You can search as many fields as you like and choose AND, OR or NOT for how you want to combine your field searches.


Summon advanced search showing field selection drop down menu

You can also apply filters for

  • your choice of publication date
  • the content type or types you are looking for
  • whether the items are scholarly or peer reviewed
  • only items that available full text online
  • excluding newspaper articles, book reviews and/or theses
  • expanding the search to items in other libraries as well

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