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About One Search: Search Tricks

Getting the most out of One Search, refine your search, get full text, advanced options, troubleshooting tips and help.

Find a DOI

Finding a known item when you have the DOI?

You could search for


But really you can just type in the DOI - they are so unique you'll almost always find it if it's in One search

Search by Call Number or Dewey Decimal Classification

Want to find books that share a Dewey number with a book you like or a subject you know?


Remember to use the asterisk to get all subtopics of your Dewey number

Language Selection

You can select your preferred language for One Search. Click on the hamburger menu to see the available languages.

One Search Interface Language selector

Note that this changes the language used in facets, filters and buttons – articles are not translated from the language they were published in.

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