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Research Data Management Toolkit

This guide provides information about research data management and the Research Data JCU platform

Data Storage

Appropriate Data Storage is one of the most critical aspects of good research data management. There are many circumstances that can lead to data loss with potentially devastating consequences for your research project, and your research career; safeguarding against these should be a top priority. This section of the libguide covers the basic rules for preventing data loss and lists some of the storage and collaboration solutions available to JCU staff and students.

You may need different storage and collaboration solutions at different stages of the Research Data Management Lifecycle. The options listed on the Available Storage Options JCU page are suitable for storing active (working) data, collaborating with other researchers, and/or creating backups. Options for the archiving of completed research data can be discussed with the Research Data JCU team -- see also the guide to Retention and Preservation.

Basic Rules


To safeguard against disastrous data loss, follow these basic rules!:


 - Keep the only copy of your research data on a hard drive, laptop, external drive, USB key, etc.


 - Make three copies of your data and keep them in separate places

   1. On a hard drive;

   2. An external or cloud drive; and

   3. On a network or other storage solution supported by JCU e.g. MS OneDrive, HPRC.

(Source: Presentation by Marianne Brown, eResearch Centre, JCU - licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 Australia Licence.)



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