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Research Data Management Toolkit

This guide provides information about research data management and the Research Data JCU platform

The Research Data Management Plan (RDMP)

Data management planning helps you identify, early in your research project, the necessary strategies, services and responsibilities for dealing with the data you are creating or using -- a process which can save you valuable time and resources later. A research data management plan (RDMP) is a document that describes the data management practices that will be used during a research project. A good RDMP might include a description of elements such as:

  • what data will be created 
  • what policies apply to the data
  • how (and where) the data will be stored and accessed during and after the project
  • what facilities and equipment will be required
  • who will be responsible for each of these activities

RDMPs are critical to the process of risk management in research and are increasingly required by research institutions and funding bodies all over the world. Take a look at the Funders and F.A.I.R. Data page for more information about funder requirements for data management planning and data sharing.

Hint: RDMPs are living documents that work best if they are added to and refined as you move through your project.

Research Data JCU - Research Data Management Plans (RDMPs)

Research Data JCU is a research data management platform where JCU researchers can create and maintain data management plans, as well as store and (if appropriate) publish their data. It provides integrated Research Data Management Plans (RDMPs), Data Records and Data Publications to support all stages of the data management lifecycle. Creating a RDMP in Research Data JCU and keeping it up to date as your project progress will establish processes to mitigate the risks of data loss and support best-practice research, and will make it easier to store and publish your data in future.

See the Research Data JCU - Plan page of this Toolkit for further information and instructions.

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some things to consider...

(Adapted from the Curtin University and ANDS data management planning guides.)

RDMP Resources

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