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Research Data Management Toolkit

This guide provides information about research data management and the Research Data JCU platform

Plan: Create a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP)

The Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) is a non-public record that describes what data will be created, what policies apply, who will own and have access to the data, what data management practices will be used, what facilities and equipment will be required and who will be responsible for each of these activities.

Creating a RDMP in Research Data JCU and keeping it up to date as your project progress will establish processes to mitigate the risks of data loss, support best-practice research, and make it easier to store and share your data in future. 

Your RDMP should be developed as early as possible in the research project and then amended as changes occur or new information becomes available e.g. you may not be ready to make decisions about file formats and re-use of your data (planning may even inform your research activity here!) - or you may be waiting for Ethics Approval information.

You should allow 30-60 minutes to complete your initial RDMP. You may find it helpful to gather relevant material (e.g. grant information, FoR and SEO codes, funding agreements, ethics approval, etc.) that apply to your research project before you begin.

Follow these easy steps to create and maintain your RDMP:

create a RDMP screenshot

update plan screenshot

  • Click on the tabs and fill or edit the metadata fields, remembering to save periodically.
  • Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required - they are very important to consider as part of planning but you can use a placeholder if you don't have that information to hand when you create your RDMP.

RDMP tabs screenshot

The Research Data JCU site includes very extensive help text (click on the ? icons) and prompts for each metadata field.

Mail icon by Ilya Garmash, licenced under CC-BY 2.5 If you require any assistance completing your RDMP, please email us at for help.

Research Data JCU is an integrated system so when you eventually come to create a Data Record and store your completed data your RDMP will auto-fill many of the project-related fields for you.
We recommend you revisit your plan and make any edits required first and then 'Create a data record from this plan' as shown below.
You can also download and share a PDF of your plan at any time - and access earlier versions using the down arrow if required:

Print a PDF of your RDMP screenshot

Watch Module 2 of the Management of Data and Information in Research series of training videos to learn more about completing your RDMP:

These modules are part of the RD7003 Compulsory Workshops for HDR Candidates and can also be accessed via the Higher Degree by Research Students Organisation on LearnJCU. Completion of a short quiz on LearnJCU is required.

Slides are sourced from a presentation/video presentation by Catherine Randalls, Manager, Research Data Services, eResearch Centre, JCU.

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