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Research Data Management Toolkit: The Tropical Data Hub

This guide provides information about research data management and the Tropical Data Hub (TDH) Research Data repository

The Tropical Data Hub (TDH) Research Data Repository

The Tropical Data Hub is a collection of systems at JCU for storing and finding research data. 

The main parts of the Tropical Data Hub are the Research Data repository (which contains metadata records for datasets held in the TDH) and associated secure data storage systems. 

The repository is a self-deposit system. It aims to be an easy-to-use site that allows JCU researchers to create records describing their research data: what it is, why it was created, who contributed to the datasets, where it is stored and how it can be used. This increases their visibility and facilitates sharing and collaboration both within JCU and externally. Research Data also includes a data management planning tool.

The eResearch Centre and Library provide storage and data curation services, including:

  • advice and training for JCU HDR students and researchers
  • archival storage of datasets
  • review and publication of data records/data in the Tropical Data Hub, with:
    • metadata harvested by:
    • controlled access to datasets if required
    • DOI minting to facilitate data citation and tracking
    • linking to publications, project websites and related datasets to increase their visibility

  Research Data Repository

JCU HDR students and researchers should archive their completed data in the Tropical Data Hub (TDH) Research Data repository. This includes:
  • completed HDR (Higher Degree by Research) data
  • data associated with publications or funded projects
  • significant data or data with potential re-use value​

We can support researchers submitting manuscripts for publication by providing embargoes and private links to data for peer reviewers, if required


​JCU researchers may also use the Tropical Data Hub to describe data held in other repositories (such as Dryad and GenBank) and link to these datasets. This increases their visibility and ensures they are harvested by Research Data Australia and the Research Portfolio site

You will need to:
1. Access the researcher dashboard and add a new 'JCU Research Data Record" to describe your data. See the User Guide and/or the tips on writing data descriptions in the Toolkit
 2. Upload your data (<100MB) or contact for help transferring and storing larger datasets


If you indicate on the ‘Rights’ tab that access is restricted or conditional, attached files will be moved to the private section of the Tropical Data Hub where there is no public access. The data librarian will contact you to discuss. See the controlled access section of the Toolkit to explore the options available.

Using the Tropical Data Hub

Find the TDH Research Data Repository

The repository is publicly accessible and can be found at Anyone can search or browse for published content but only JCU staff and students can login to the site.

Idea iconIf you forget the URL you can just Google 'Tropical Data Hub'  and then click on 'Data' at the top of the screen.

Access the Researcher Dashboard

To create or edit a data management plan or data record access the researcher dashboard by clicking on ‘My Research Data’ in the menu bar or go directly to

If you're not already logged in, you will need to authenticate using the Australian Access Federation login. Select JCU as your institution and follow the prompts the first time you use the site - so you can login quickly with your usual JCU credentials next time.

You may wish to create your data management plan and/or data record ('JCU Research Record') early in your project and edit a draft over time - you can do this before your data is finalised to help you stay organised.

Once you submit a JCU Research Record for review by a data librarian you will no longer be able to edit it but you can contact to make changes for you.

Get Help

Help is available within the site - click on the question mark boxes as you fill in the metadata fields.

Access a detailed TDH Research Data User Guide from this link or by clicking 'Help' on the menu bar when you are logged into the site.

Contact if you need further assistance.

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