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RH1002: Communication Skills for Health Professionals Guide: Assessment 3: Written Assignment

Assessment 3: Written Assignment

The topic of the report is how good communication skills can contribute to the provision of effective health professional services from the perspective of a generic health professional.

You will require 3-5 relevant academic articles based on two specific communication skills. Use articles/ chapters from Peer-reviewed journals, textbooks, publications or webpages from professional bodies or government publications (please ensure the majority of your sources are from scholarly publications).

Students will have two scenarios to choose from. These may be found in the Subject Outline and also in LearnJCU. 

Sample Question

Here is a sample question.  Look at these searches and try to apply it to your chosen scenario.

You have been referred a young man who has cerebral palsy and has difficulty communicating verbally and nonverbally. He lives independently with paid carers who accompany him to his appointments. You would like to talk with the client about his treatment but you find it difficult to understand what he is saying and the carer often talks for him. What particular communication skills will be needed in this situation?


Google Scholar

Tip.   Google ​Searches do not need (    ) brackets, and assume AND.

Possible searches
"intellectual impairment" OR "cerebral palsy"  "eye contact"
"intellectual impairment" OR "cerebral palsy"  "active listening" 
"intellectual impairment" OR "cerebral palsy" "non verbal communication"


Search for educational or government sites that match your topic.

Tip.   Google ​Searches do not need (    ) brackets, and assumes AND.

Possible searches

"intellectual impairment" OR"cerebral palsy" "eye contact" OR

"intellectual impairment" OR"cerebral palsy" reflection OR

"intellectual impairment" OR"cerebral palsy""active listening" OR
"intellectual impairment" OR"cerebral palsy" "non verbal communication" OR

InfoSkills Toolkit

Go to the InfoSkills Toolkit by clicking hereInfoSkills Toolkit

The InfoSkills Toolkit is a self-paced training tool to help you understand what is needed to unpack your assignment question, work out the keywords for your research, find good quality sources and reference them appropriately.

There are four modules, and you can work through them in order, or jump straight to the part you need. Come back to the guide whenever you need a refresher on basic searching skills.

One Search

One Search is a good place to start searching for booksebooks,  journal articles, and our e-journal content all at once.

Add limits to your search results from the LH menu
⦁    Subject Terms: Communication
⦁    Date range: the last 10 years & Content Type: Book, book chapter
⦁    Date range: the last 5 years & Content Type: Journals, articles

Possible Searches
One Search Searches

("intellectual impairment" OR "cerebral palsy") AND "eye contact"

("intellectual impairment" OR "cerebral palsy") AND "non verbal communication"
("intellectual impairment" OR "cerebral palsy") AND "active listening"

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