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Sport & Exercise Science Guide: SP1001

Find targeted resources for research and referencing

Assignment help

These slides are related to your annotated bibliography entry:


Title slide - SP1001 Written Assignment


Begin with a reference following APA style


Make sure you capitalise titles correctly for the style


The summation is 200 words in length


Write a paragraph that flows well and has a good structure (topic sentences and clinchers, for example)


You then take 150 words to link the evidence article to the activities of the job


Think about why the information in the article is relevant, and give a stong link to the activities undertaken in the workplace


The marking criteria is looking for depth, complexity and insight - think about why it matters


Making recommendations based on the literature is important - what are the implications?


You are being marked on your writing - coherence, flow, and lack of spelling and grammar mistakes


Open the summation section with a clear topic sentence, then give a brief description of the key concepts


Use academic words and connect concepts coherently. Integrate evidence from the article and discuss implications.


Clearly articulate the link between the article and the chosen profession, making meaningful recommendations


Find a good list of academic words to help you connect ideas so your work flows


Look for words to introduce the order of your ideas (be consistent), guide people through your explanations, and introduce the results and evidence that you are using


Extremely useful writing resources

Having a good stock of academic words and phrases to use can make a world of difference to your assignment. The Manchester Academic Phrase Bank is one of our favourite resources.

We also have a Writing LibGuide which helps you work through some skills appropriate to Academic Writing.

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