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Statistics: Census data

This guide will help you find statistical information for your assignments and research



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a periodic counting of the population and gathering of related statistics, e.g. age, sex, or social class, carried out by a government.


an official count or tally

from: census. (2007). In The Penguin English Dictionary. Retrieved from

International census data

US Census Bureau PopClocks

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Australian census data

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ABS Census website has statistical profiles for geographic areas.

Townsville & Cairns: get started with Census 2011 results

Townsville Statistical area SA4Cairns QuickStats

The ABS website has many options for looking at the figures from the 2011 census. These links cover the Statistical Area Level 4 (SA4) for the Cairns and Townsville regions. You can use the Census site to drill down into the level of a few blocks in a neighbourhood (SA1).

Note that these areas do not match Local Government suburbs exactly. 

Singapore Census Data

Australian population clock

Photo 1921 Census by

  • one birth every 1:46 min
  • one death every 3:40 min
  • a net gain of one international migrant every 2:44 min
  • an overall total population increase of one person every 1:31 min (ABS)

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