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BU1105/BU1805: Professional and Academic Skills for Business Guide: Home


This guide will focuses on the academic skills required to successfully complete BU1105 and supports in class content. The academic skills developed in this subject should set the foundation for success in the rest of your studies. The focus is the skills required for the assessments based on the question for Assignment 2.

To what extent have businesses adopted UN SDGs to demonstrate their commitment to CSR / sustainability goals?

Introduction to finding information and referencing

Go to the InfoSkills Toolkit by clicking hereInfoSkills Toolkit

The InfoSkills Toolkit is a self-paced training tool to help you understand what is needed to unpack your assignment question, work out the keywords for your research, find good quality sources and reference them appropriately.

There are four modules, and you can work through them in order, or jump straight to the part you need. Come back to the guide whenever you need a refresher on basic searching skills.

Academic integrity; avoiding plagiarism; referencing

Your required referencing style is APA.

  • Check out the Referencing tab on this guide to find extensive examples of APA referencing style for all sorts of resources.
  • Follow the format EXACTLY as the format is written including punctuation, spacing and font style.
  • Reference all sources of information, ideas, graphs, tables and images that are not your own.

cheating is never the right answer

What if I don't understand some concepts in the question?

Credo is a reference resource a bit like Wikipedia but is a scholarly source so can be cited in your assessment. It is a collection of reference works.

tip I recommend you choose a source that relates to your discipline. For example your results may include sources from psychology, education and business - choose the most relevant source to your discipline.

One Search

One Search is a way of searching all the library's resources - books and ebooks, journals and journal articles, multimedia and more. You can find the One Search search box on the home page of the library website. You can jump right in and start searching or consult our One Search guide for tips on basic, advanced, browse and journal searching, and saving results.

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