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BA3000: Arts Edge Guide: Scripting, Pitching & Proposals

Why do a video assignment task?

Videos can be much more than you explaining the content. You can be creative and you may learn new skills. Video production for BA3000 will likely be a career-relevant experience as videos are powerful tools building engagement with a target audience.

Scripting your presentation (a key step)

Presentations need to have a clear introduction outlining what you are going to talk about and a great conclusion to remind them about what you just talked about. Both of these should be memorised, setting the scene (introduction) and closing the door (conclusion). Everything else can be summated into a script.

Writing a script for your presentation aids in clarifying your outline, reinforces your ideas and memory, and guides you through the doing. It can also be a psychological back-up (emotional support) if you falter. 

Scripts need to be:

  • your main points only - although you may include great quotations/statistics/facts
  • clear and concise
  • use easy to pronounce words
  • numbered in order
  • easy to read - consider font, size and colour 
  • presented NOT read from

Your script is not your PowerPoint presentation. Your PowerPoint slides should only include key ideas, images or quotations, and does not duplicate your script.

A script is meant only as a guide NOT as a crutch for you to solely rely upon. All presentations should be rehearsed and rehearsed. 

So ...plan, practice and present!

Research proposal presentation

A research proposal outlines a potential research project for approval and/or funding purposes. Proposals are evaluated on cost, potential impact, and on the strength of the proposed plan.


A pitch is a brief, persuasive speech that is used to spark interest in organisation, project, idea, product, or yourself to an audience.

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