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BA1001: Time, Truth, and the Human Condition LibGuide: Home

A guide to library and learning resources


Make your BA1001 assignments count! Choose an assignment topic that relates to your chosen BA major.

Step by step to successThe following provides a brief overview of how BA1001 assessment tasks are structured to build your academic skills.

Refer to your BA1001 subject outline for full assessment task instructions.

Assessment Task 1 - Researching and Planning: Annotated Bibliography and Concept Plan

  1. Annotations: Locate, read and write an annotation for four (4) credible and reliable sources related to your chosen topic. You'll use an Annotation Template.
  2. Poster concept plan: Consider these annotations and create a concept plan for your Assignment Task 2 poster. You'll use a Concept Plan Template.

Assessment Task 2 - Creating and Showing: Academic Poster

  1. Draft poster essay: This essay will provide the content for your poster. Use your chosen topic from Assessment Task 1.
  2. Academic poster: Create an A3 poster (which incorporates your draft essay) and illustrate its message through the design of the poster, complete with images, sub-headings and an appropriate title.
  3. Poster presentation: The compulsory poster presentation will take place in a tutorial.

Humanities and social sciences make a difference

Choose 1 (one) topic from the lists below.  This topic will be used for Assessment Tasks 1 and 2, so choose carefully, and use this topic to inspire your research project.

Great Battles for Control of Ideas and Information Indigenous Knowledge Challenging Western Worldviews Human and Post-Human Conditions
  • Philosophy in Ancient Greece
  • Missions in Australia or the Stolen Generations
  • Fake news and facts
  • The Enlightenment in early modern Europe (one country only) 
  • Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand
  • Language and identity
  • Modern China in the 1950s
  • Indigenous communities finding their voices
  • Interactive institutions: Museums or Universities
  • Independence of the Malay States post-WWII

Get help

The Navigating University ETC! website is designed to help you develop the key skills you'll need to succeed in a BA at JCU.

Navigating University ETC! was designed especially for first year BA students and it complements and expands on the information provided in this LibGuide. Use it together with your subject LibGuide and you'll be unstoppable!

The Top Library Tips Video Series includes:

  • Unpack your assignment topic
  • Create a search strategy
  • Use Library databases and subject LibGuides
  • Use Google more effectively
  • Evaluate your information sources
  • Citing all the sources you have used
JCU Library video channel

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Remember that there are many people who are there to help and support you throughout your course including:

  • Library staff
  • Learning Advisors
  • The Accessibility team
  • Counsellors
  • Peer mentors
  • Your lecturers, tutors and classmates
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