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BA1002: Our Space: Networks, Narrative and the Making of Place LibGuide: Home

A guide to library and learning resources for - Our Space: Networks, Narratives, and the Making of Place

What are the BA1002 key concepts?

BA1002 traces the flow of key concepts through networks that shape who we are and how we experience the world.

Key concepts:

Network properties:

  • Power
  • Space and Place
  • Reality and Virtuality
  • Narrative and Communication
  • Self and Community
  • Exchange
  • Relations of power
  • Interrelations between the one and the many
  • Facets of communication and exchange
  • Connections to space and place
  • The interrelation of fact-fiction and reality-virtuality

Start well - do some background readings on BA1002 key concepts

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Navigating University ETC!

The Navigating University ETC! website is designed to help you develop the key skills you'll need to succeed in a BA at JCU.

Navigating University ETC! was designed especially for first year BA students and it complements and expands on the information provided in this libguide. Use it together with your subject libguide and you'll be unstoppable!

Getting started


Understand the question as well as the topic

  • Check out the links on this page to get an understanding of networks and your key concepts
  • Use Credo to locate additional authoritative general reference information

Develop a search strategy using keywords to find information

Completing your assessment item

Get help

The Top Library Tips Video Series includes:

  • Unpack your assignment topic
  • Create a search strategy
  • Use Library databases and subject LibGuides
  • Use Google more effectively
  • Evaluate your information sources
  • Citing all the sources you have used
JCU Library video channel

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Remember that there are many people who are there to help and support you throughout your course including:

  • Library staff
  • Learning Advisors
  • The Accessibility team
  • Counsellors
  • Peer mentors
  • Your lecturers, tutors and classmates
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