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Guidance, Counselling and Career Development Guide: Getting Started

Find targeted resources for research and referencing

Library services

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Remember that there are many people who are there to help and support you throughout your course including:

  • Library staff
  • Learning Advisors
  • The Accessibility team
  • Counsellors
  • Peer mentors
  • Your lecturers, tutors and classmates
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Google News: Counselling

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Use these databases to search for scholarly journal articles

These databases are specialised search tools that will specialised search tools that will help you find high-quality journal articles and more.

Most will allow you to narrow down to peer-reviewed or scholarly publications, which is the kind of information your lecturers want to see in your assignments.

You'll find additional databases on the Articles, Books & More tab.

Key course resources

The interactive Guidance, Counselling and Career Development Communities site is directed towards building the international mindedness of our postgraduate programs and the counselling profession at large. Students across our tri-city campuses have the opportunity to engage with the content in a variety of ways thus further developing their appreciation of the profession. We have structured the site to ensure it encompasses relevant information that compliments rather than duplicates learning in your subjects.

InfoSkills Road Trip

Info Skills Road Trip

Click on the image to start your JCU learning experience with an easy-to-use online, interactive learning resource that maps out researching,referencing and other assignment writing skills.

Become a counsellor

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