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WS1006 Self in Professional Helping Guide: Assignment Workshop

Assignment workshop

Benefits of reflective writing

Good reflective writing shows you are learning from your experiences and engaging in your discipline's scholarly literature.


Engaging in reflective writing will develop your understanding in many ways, including helping you to:

  • Become a critical thinker
  • Identify weaknesses in your understanding
  • Gain a deeper understanding of course content
  • Become an independent learner and problem-solver.

Get help

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Remember that there are many people who are there to help and support you throughout your course including:

  • Library staff
  • Learning Advisors
  • The Accessibility team
  • Counsellors
  • Peer mentors
  • Your lecturers, tutors and classmates
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Assessment items overview

Step by step to successThe following provides a brief overview of how WS1006 assessment tasks are structured to gradually build a deep understanding and engagement with major subject concepts.

Refer to your WS1006 subject outline for full assessment task instructions.

Assessment Task 1 - Online test

  • Demonstrate understanding of subject content

Assessment Task 2 - Critically reflective writing task

  • Demonstrate your understanding of the nature and use of critical reflection and 'self' in professional helping
  • Reflective essays should link back to subject content and include references to scholarly literature

Assessment Task 3 - Case study response 

  • Demonstrate new understandings of the role that the self plays in interpreting a case study AND in planning a professional helping response to the case
  • The case study response requires students to apply subject content and their critical reflections to a real-world scenario.

Your Virtual Library

Not being able to get to an on campus library doesn't mean that you can't make use of the library resources at JCU. You can access a wide range of library resources 24x7 from the library website. This includes access to our search tools and online collections of journals and eBooks.

You will be asked to authenticate with your JCU user id (jcxxxxxx) and password to access these resources. 

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