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Researcher Profiles, Identifiers and Engagement

This guide provides information about how to create, use and promote your online research presence.

What do we mean by scholarly activity?

Scholarly Activity refers to the posting of research outputs in online tools that are used by academic scholars. These tools include Academic Identifiers and scholarly networking sites.

Scholarly networking tools are used to build communities of scholars with similar research interests, facilitating:

  • Access to publications and research outputs
  • Connecting and collaborating with colleagues, peers, co-authors, and specialists in your area of research
  • Tracking who has been downloading, reading and citing your work
  • Hosting a forum for asking questions, getting answers, and finding solutions to research problems

Scholarly Networking Tools:

These tools are primarily used for scholarly networking. ​

Research networks with bibliographic management tools:

Sharing libraries helps to extend your research networks and raise the visibility of publications that you have compiled for your research.

The table below compares these four widely used scholarly networking tools:

Comparison of scholarly networking tools


ResearchGate Mendeley
Features ResearchGate Academia Mendeley Zotero
Create/upload a CV
Share research publications
Share research data  
Track Citations  

Scopus counts

View Analytics
(e.g. page views, downloads)
Collaboration tools





Follow other researchers comments on your papers  
Review papers by other researchers  
Ask and answer questions    
Recommend papers to others


Follow other people's publications
Follow publications

Bookmark papers

Build reference library
+ bi
bliography manager

Build reference library
+ bi
bliography manager

Connect to other social networks    
Job boards  

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