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Systematic Reviews

Specialised advice for planning, researching and writing Systematic Reviews.

Extract data

Once the final list of papers to be included in the review is finalised, the data needs to be extracted.

The type and amount of data extracted will depend on the design and purpose of the review.

Items 10 and 11 in the PRISMA checklist (p.1) relate to the data extraction process:

  • Item 10 - Data collection process:"Describe method of data extraction from reports (e.g., piloted forms, independently, in duplicate) and any processes for obtaining and confirming data from investigators."|
  • Item 11 - Data items:"List and define all variables for which data were sought (e.g., PICOS, funding sources) and any assumptions and simplifications made.”

For more detailed information and guidance regarding the data extraction refer to the Cochrane handbook, Part 2: Chapter 7. It provides a checklist of items to consider

Data extraction tools

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