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Systematic Reviews

Specialised advice for planning, researching and writing Systematic Reviews.

Manage results in databases

Databases have many functions that will help organise and manage searches to keep track of new literature.

  • Accounts
    Create a personal account in databases to use the advanced functions below. This is separate to your JCU login.
  • Save searches 
    Save searches that give relevant results to your database account to record the search strategy and be able to retrieve them later.
  • Alerts
    Create alerts from searches to be notified of new results added to the database.

Bibliographic referencing software

Use bibliographic referencing software to:

  • download and store reference information as well as PDF documents.
  • annotate records to store personal notes about each reference. Create a personalised and searchable database of references for the research project.
  • create bibliographies and add citations within documents.

EndNote is one type of bibliographic reference software. The university has a site license so all staff and students can download a copy of the software to their computers while studying at JCU. The library offers support for Endnote.

Bronwen Forster, Liaison Librarian Cairns, EndNote: making the best use of EndNote for your systematic review, JCU Systematic Review Masterclass 2017

* Available to JCU staff and students only

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