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IEEE Style Guide

IEEE Referencing

Referencing a Journal Article

Journal abbreviations

All journal titles are abbreviated according to IEEE standards.

Date format

Dates are formatted as Month abbrev. Year.

e.g. Oct. 2018, Apr. 2020, Sep. 2015, June 2016, May 2017

Use the standard three letter abbreviation for months long than four letters. Do not put a full stop after a month if it is not abbreviated

Follow the format for Number of Authors, depending on which format is appropriate for your reference

Journal Article - Database


[#] A. Author, "Title of Article," Title of Journal (abbreviated), vol., no., page numbers, mth. year. [Format]. Available from Database Name (if appropriate), internet address.

Reference List:

[8] H.G. Tanner, G.J. Pappas and V. Kumar “Leader-to-formation stability” IEEE Trans. Robot. Autom., vol. 20, no. 3, p. 443-455, Jun. 2004. [Online]. Available from IEEE Xplore,

Journal Article - with DOI


[#] A. Author, "Title of Article," Title of Journal (abbreviated), vol., no., pp., (Abbrev.) Mth., Year. [Format]. doi:.

Reference List:

[9] L. Bilbao, M. Ortueta and F. Mijangos, "Effect of concentration and temperature on mass transfer in metal ion exchange," Ind. & Eng. Chemistry Res., vol. 55, no. 7, pp. 7287-7295, Jul. 2016. doi:10.1021/acs.iecr.6b00398.

Journal Article - without DOI


[#] A. Author, "Title of Article," Title of Journal (abbreviated), vol., no., pp., (Abbrev.) Mth.Year. [Format]. Available from internet address.

Reference List:

[10] R. Coleman, "Eliminate flotation bottlenecks," Eng. and Mining J., vol. 217, no. 10, pp. 52-54, Oct. 2016. [Online]. Available from

Journal Article - Print


[#] A. Author, "Title of Article," Title of Journal (abbreviated), vol., no., pp., Mth Year. (Abbrev.)

Reference List:

[14] W. Rafferty, “Ground antennas in NASA’s deep space telecommunications,” Proc. IEEE, vol. 82, pp. 36-640, May 1994.

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