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IEEE Style Guide

IEEE Referencing

Lecture notes



[#] Lecturer A. Author, Class Lecture, Topic: "Lecture title.” Unit Code, College/Faculty, University, Location, Abbrev. Month, Day, Year.


[28] G. Boyle, Class Lecture, Topic: "Lecture 4 Engineering design 2 - Research." EG1000, College of Science & Engineering, James Cook University, Townsville, Mar, 1, 2017.

Readings from lecture notes


Readings which have full bibliographic details can be cited as an original source, if the reading does not have the bibliographic details you should find the original source to obtain the details.



Students must provide appropriate references when citing an assignment that has been submitted for another subject or unit.


[#] A. A. Author, "Title of assignment: Subtitle if appropriate," Unpublished manuscript, Unit Code: Name of Unit., Abbrev. Univ. Name, Location of University, Abbrev. State, Country, Year.


[32] R. Smith, "Building a community bridge," Unpublished manuscript, EG5123: Advanced Bridge Building, JCU, Townsville, Qld., Australia, 2017.

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