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What is Rollover?

What is Rollover?

Reading lists time periods are dated yearly (e.g. 2023), and the digitisations attached to lists are only allowed to be made available for a set period of time for copyright control.

To make sure academics do not have to create new lists every year, each time period has a "rollover", in which a copy of the list is generated by the system, and digitisations are attached to the new lists.

What happens during Rollover?

Towards the end of each time period, you will receive an email notification that the Rollover of the previous time period's lists is going to occur during a particular time. While Rollover is occurring, there will be a freeze on making changes to the lists. A copy will be made with the coming year's date, and the digitisations will be added to the new lists.

Any changes to the existing list that have not been published before Rollover will be published during the Rollover process, and will be live on both lists.

Once the Rollover has been completed, you will have two copies of the same list available - one for the current year, and one for the coming year. These are two separate lists, and changes to one list will not effect the other list. You will need to make any desired changes to the correct list.

When you are setting up your subjects in LearnJCU for the coming teaching period, you will be able to link to the new list.

What do Academics need to do to prepare for Rollover?

When you are notified that Rollover is going to happen, check your current lists and make sure they are published.

Also check that you have Saved the Readings link in LearnJCU (FAQ: How do I save the link between LearnJCU and my Readings list?

After Rollover has been completed, remember to check that you are editing the list for the correct time period. If your list does not appear in the new time period check the information below or contact library staff as soon as possible. 

My list didn't rollover! 

Carousel subjects (JCU Online) and some other subjects may not rollover, usually due to a mismatched time period. There may also be other times a list doesn't rollover for various reasons. 

If your list is not available in the new time period you can request a manual rollover using the Reading list enquiries form 

Please give as many details as possible, making sure to include:

  • The full list name
  • The URL
  • The Teaching Period and date you need the list to be available for. 

If you follow this process your digitisation requests will also be rolled over. 

If you have any questions please contact library staff.


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Please email us with any questions and include your subject code and as much information as possible.  You can also contact us via this form.

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