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Readings at JCU

How to get the most out of your subject readings at JCU

Editing tool

Adding resources, paragraphs, and sections, is all completed using the Action bar, which appears on your list wherever you move your cursor (see below).


Note: When you add or change content the changes are not yet visible to students. You will need to republish the list to make the changes visible.


Sections allow you to structure your list to make it easier for students to navigate. You can also link directly to specific week or module resources from LearnJCU.

Click Add Section

A new section will be created where you can add a section title (required) and description (optional).


Sections can also be nested in multiple layers.

Adding Resources

Use the Add Resource link to add:

  • resources you have previously added to your Bookmarks list
  • book titles (bookmarks do not need to be created first)
  1. Click on Add resource
  2. Search for the title of the bookmark or book title in the search bar. Results will show for My Bookmarks and Books Search. Click Show more if the result you want is not displayedundefined
  3. A list of results including bookmarks and books will display underneath:
    • To add a Bookmark select the item you want and it will be added to your list.
    • To add a book, click on a book result to see Library holdings and select editions:undefined

Select the + to add the item to your list.

Once the book has been added to your list you can request digitisations for chapters. 

Note: If the library does not hold a particular book, you can still add them to your list and request digitisation and the library will source a copy, or you can provide your personal copy to the library for digitisation.

Adding Paragraphs

Click Add Paragraph to add general notes not associated with particular readings.

This opens a basic text edit window for you to enter text and apply basic formatting.


Note: You cannot add links to this section. Create a bookmark for the link instead.

Rearranging list items

Use the ellipsis menu to reorder resources, sections and paragraphs within your list once they have been created.

Cut and Paste:

Use the cut and paste function to move section, paragraphs and resources.

And then paste the item in the new location (check the tag to ensure it is in the correct place):



Change section layers

Use the Move up or Move down function to change the layer of a section.


This nests the Study Skills section within the Ethics section as shown below:


Move resources and paragraphs by clicking on the arrow to the right of a resource and drag the item to the new location in the list.


Alternatively you can use the ellipsis menu to cut and paste or use the Move up or Move down menus to reorder items within a section or to move items to a higher or lower level.

Previewing a reading list

To preview how your list will appear to students (this only works on Published lists):

  1. On the list page select View > As student

  2. The Student preview will be displayed. Click Exit student view to return to the staff view.

Note: If items are missing from the Student View the list contains unpublished items. Exit the student view and Publish the list.

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