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Readings at JCU

How to get the most out of your subject readings at JCU

Publishing a list

Note your Reading list must be published before it is visible in LearnJCU.

If you have unpublished changes there will be a notice at the top of the list. Click Publish to make your changes visible to students.


Readings folder in LearnJCU template

There is already a link to your full list (if published) in your LearnJCU template. It is in the Readings Resources folder, labelled Full Readings List.

To make sure the link between your LearnJCU subject site and your Readings list is permanent you need to Save it. This means the list will stay linked even if it is archived.

Click on the Full Readings List link in your LearnJCU subject site and you will be taken to your full list in Readings.

Click on the Save button at the far right of the screen (Note: You have to have a Educator or Site Editor role in LearnJCU to see this).

If you see the message 'Relink? To change the linked list or section click here'  at the top of the screen then the link is already saved.

If your list is not linking as expected follow the instructions in this FAQ My Readings list is not linking to LearnJCU

If you want to add links to Sections of your Readings list use the instructions below.

Adding reading list sections to LearnJCU using Content Market

A link to the full reading list is automatically included in the LearnJCU subject site template (see above). Use these instructions to link sections from your Readings list.

Important notes:
You have to have a Lecturer or Site Editor role in LearnJCU to follow these steps
These steps only work in the main LearnJCU subject site. You can not add sections to Documents in LearnJCU, you can only add a link to the full list.
If you want to add links to individual items, you will need to do so by hyperlinking to the item URL - How to link to an individual item in Readings


There are two steps to adding a Reading list section to Ultra:

  1. Add the Readings link to the subject site
  2. Activate the link so it is visible to students

Adding Readings list sections to Ultra as a link

  1. Login to LearnJCU and open the relevant subject site
  2. Navigate to where you’d like your Readings link to be added (within or outside of a content folder).
  3. Click on the '+' icon, and select 'Content Market'
  4. In the Content Market panel, click on the '+' (in the bottom-right) in the Readings panel for staff (do not click on the 'Student access to Readings' panel)
  5.  A link to Readings within your subject content will be created in Ultra

To activate the Readings link:

  1. Click on the Readings link you just created
  2. The Readings window will open
  3. Use the dropdown menu indicated below to select the whole list ('The list') or the section you want and click “Save”.
    If there is more than one Reading list for the subject make sure you have chosen the correct list.
  4. Close the library Readings panel
  5. To change the name of the link
    • Click on the '...' (more options) icon to the far-right of your Readings link to edit the text
    • A side panel will open with editing options for the text in your Readings link
    • Click 'Save' when you are finished editing 
    • The new text for your links should now be displayed in your Ultra subject.
  6. Change the link so it is visible to students.


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