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Readings at JCU

How to get the most out of your subject readings at JCU


Before you begin the steps below make sure you have a Published list in Readings, with sections added if required.

You have two main options for linking you Reading list to Learn JCU, you can do one or both:

The process will be different if you are using Blackboard Ultra.

Make the Reading List live in LearnJCU video

Adding to your LearnJCU subject site menu

If the Readings link is not already on your left navigation menu in your subject site:

  • Click the + icon on the top left of your menu and choose Content Area
  • Type in the name ‘Readings’ for your content area
  • Click the Available to Users checkbox 
  • Click Submit
  • Drag your Readings menu item to the desired menu location
  • Follow the instructions above to link to your subject reading list, noting that you may link to a section of the list rather than the complete list if you want to. See the next section for full details. 

Making your reading list live in LearnJCU step by step

Linking your reading list to your subject site in LearnJCU

  • Log into LearnJCU
  • Select the relevant course
  • Select Readings from the left navigation menu
  • Select Build Content --> Readings
  • Name your reading list (e.g. XY1001 Readings, Week 1 Readings etc.) and click Submit (Note you do not need to upload anything here, just name the list and click Submit)
  • Click on Readings folder to connect to the reading lists associated with your subject code.  Click on Save. From now on clicking the Readings link will display the list.
  • Log in using your JCU username and password to edit the list
The first time you edit your list you will be asked if you are the owner of the list.  Click I am list owner so that your students can easily find your lists.

Linking to a section in your LearnJCU site step by step

You can also link to a specific (e.g. weekly) section of your reading list by following these steps.

  1. Inside your weekly content folder (or any preferred folder) Build Content
  2. Select Reading List
  3. Select a suitable name for the folder (e.g. week 1 readings, topic 1 readings)
  4. Submit
  5. Click the folder to launch the Readings platform to connect to the reading list associated with your subject code.
  6. From Add list section select the relevant week or topic displayed in the drop down menu
  7. Click Save.








Note Well: You will not be able to link to sections in your list if your list does not already have sections.  Go the the edit and publish list tab of this guide to find out how to create sections in your reading list first. If you still cannot link a section, see the current issue button below.

Linking to a section in your LearnJCU site video

Linking using Blackboard Ultra

If you use Blackboard Ultra to teach or support a JCU Online course, or your subjects are progressing through the JCU Digital Transformation then the basic concept is the same. Your reading list is created and exists entirely stand alone at When you want to link it to your LearnJCU (BBUltra) site you have one more nifty option to go with your two basic linking options: 

  1. Link your entire Reading List at the Readings icon in the Books & Tools menu
  2. Link a section of your Reading List using the Content Market tool
  3. Insert a section link from the Content Market from within the Document edit window


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