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AMA 11th Referencing Guide

Referencing guide for the 11th Edition of AMA Style

Web Content this formatting if:

  • The information lives entirely online, and is not a book, journal, drug monograph or other work with its own pattern.  Mostly used for web sites, home pages, information pages in pdf format, video or audio files on the internet and the like.
  • NOTE:  If the pdf has an ISBN, then the work is technically an eBook, not a web page.

You will need (minimum information in bold):

  • Author(s) (if given)
  • Title of page or object (eg, YouTube video) (sentence case - not in italics)
  • Name of the website (if different from the page - Title Case, not in italics)
  • Published date (at least year, if available)
  • Updated date (if different to published date - at least year, if available)
  • Accessed date
  • URL


Standard Web content pattern:

Author AA, Author BB. Title of page or object. Title of web site. Published Month DD, YYYY. Updated Month DD, YYYY. Accessed Month DD, YYYY. URL.


  1. Pharmacy ownership in Queensland. Queensland Health. Updated September 1, 2021. Accessed January 10, 2022.
  2. Department of Health & Human Services. Anaphylaxis. Better Health Channel. Updated August, 2014. Accessed August 31, 2020.
  3. Food allergy or intolerance? Allergy and Anapylaxis Australia. Updated January 2017. Accessed August 31, 2020.
  4. Zika virus. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. January 26, 2016. Updated November 20, 2019. Accessed September 8, 2020.
  5. University of California Television. Ketogenesis and Fasting: Fuel for the Brain. YouTube. August 14, 2020. Accessed August 31, 2020.


  • For web pages in which there is no listed author for the information on that page, and the "authors" of the site and the name of the site are identical, treat the page as if it has no author and begin with the title of the page (for example, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is both the name of the site and the name of the organisation responsible for the information on that site).
  • If the name of the site and the name of the corporate author is different then list the name of the corporate author in the author position and the name of the site in the Site title position (for example, Better Health Channel is the name of the site, but the Department of Health & Human Services is responsible for the information on that site).

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