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AMA 11th Referencing Guide

Referencing guide for the 11th Edition of AMA Style

Brochures & pamphlets

Brochures and pamphlets should take the following form:

  1. Eating and drinking with a high output stoma: what you need to know. Patient brochure. Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service. Accessed September 29, 2020.

My own work

Published work

If you are citing work that has previously been published, you cite it exactly how you would cite any other work (e.g., if it was a journal article, cite a journal article).

Previous assignments

If you are citing work that you submitted in a previous assignment, it is considered an unpublished manuscript, but you would site it the same way you would cite an unpublished dissertation.

For example:

  1. Smith J. Multidisciplinary Care Teams in Rural Communities. Assignment submitted for HS1155. James Cook University; 2021.

N.B. Only use one of your own assignments as a source for your work if your lecturer has told you it is okay to to so.

Images and figures

If you are creating an original figure for an assignment, you do not need to cite yourself - you only need to cite information or work that was taken from other sources.

If you are using a photograph or artwork you have created yourself, and it has been "published" online (for example, Flickr or a personal website), you will need to cite it as you would any other image taken from an online source. You would need to include this in your reference list as you would any other cited source.

If you have not previously made the image public, or produced it specifically for this assignment, it does not require citations - but you can put "Own work" as part of the caption for the image if you believe it is necessary for clarity (for example, if you are also using similar images from other sources). You would not include this in your reference list.

For example:

Figure 4. Wound dressing following removal of stitches

Image of wound dressing used as an example

Image shows multiple adhesive dressings used together. Own work.

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