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AMA 11th Referencing Guide

Referencing guide for the 11th Edition of AMA Style

Software and AI software

AMA does not recommend citing AI software such as ChatGPT as the creator/author of any material, as software does not qualify for "authorship" (it is not human and does not posess independant thought).

If you use AI software to generate content that is included in an assignment, in text you should explain that you have used a particular software tool to do so, and provide a citation for the software:

Software Name. Version no. Publisher; Year. Accessed Date. URL

For example:

ChatGPT1 was used to generate patient information sheets, which were then checked for quality and corrected as necessary.

1. ChatGPT. Version Mar 14. OpenAI; 2023. Accessed March 28, 2023.

Note: The way software companies identify the version of the software you are using differs from company to company. In the ChatGPT example above, the versioning used by ChatGPT was a date, rather than a version number.

The example below shows how to cite software with more detailed version information. It is also an example of softwared installed on your computer (as opposed to web-based software):

Microsoft Excel for Microsoft 365 MSO. Version 2208, Build 16.0.15601.20540. Microsoft; 2023.

Citing Bing Chat

This information our FAQ regarding the Bing Chat search engine. As other search engines adopt the use of AI language models, you will be able to find similar information to cite them in a similar, way, if needed. Remember, a search engine is not a preferred source of information (just a tool for finding sources of information) and you should click on the links to find the sources, rather than citing the search engine.

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