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Referencing: MLA

This guide will help you identify and use the correct referencing style to ensure clear & consistent presentation of written material.

Our MLA quick guides

A Note on MLA Style

The Modern Languages Association has made some significant changes between the 7th Edition of the MLA style and the 8th Edition.

These changes are so substantial, that MLA 8th is essentially a different style to MLA 7th.  Therefore, it is vitally important that all students check with their lecturer to note which version of MLA they expect to see in your assignments.

The styles are noticeably different, and you may be marked down if you use the wrong version.

MLA and EndNote

If you are using EndNote, you will need to use the style called "MLA" for the 7th edition, and the style called "MLA 8th" for the 8th edition.

If you do not see MLA 8th available when you to go "Select Another Style", you may have to update the version of EndNote on your computer.  Remember to close down all Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, etc) before running an update.

The MLA 8th style currently offered by EndNote is a Beta version, and may have some faults.  We always recommend checking EndNote's work before handing your assignment in.

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