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Harvard Referencing (2002 version)

Guide to citing & referencing in this author, date style for JCU students

Visual - Film/TV/Video


  • Use the format most applicable - e.g. motion picture, DVD, television program, video recording, streaming media, mobile app.
  • Television includes free to air channels, pay tv channels and streaming and on-demand streaming services.

EndNote Reference Type: 

  • Film or broadcast


Single program - e.g. film, program or entire series:

Film - physical format (DVD, USB):

Director, AA (Dir.) year releasedTitle of film (in italics), Producers (Prods.) OR Executive Producers (Exec. Prods.), format, Name of Production company, format, viewed date.


Coogler, R (Dir.) 2018, Black panther, K Feige (Prod.), motion picture, Marvel Studios, viewed 1 March 2018.

Burton, T (Dir.) 2016, Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children, P Chernin & J Topping (Prods.), DVD, 5 November 2018.

Film watched on channel:

Director, AA (Dir.) year released, Title of program (in italics), Producers (Prods.) OR Executive Producers (Exec. Prods.), format, Channel, viewed DD month YYYY (broadcast date or viewed date if streaming), <URL> for streaming services (use the homepage of the service).


Soderbergh, S (Dir.) 2004, Oceans twelve, J Weintraub (Prod.), streaming media, Stan, viewed 16 October 2018, <>.

Coffin, P & Balda, K (Dir.) 2015, Minions, C Meledandri & J Healey (Prods.), television broadcast, Channel 9Go, viewed 20 October 2018.

Brooks, M (Dir.) 1974, Blazing saddles, M Hertzberg (Prod.), mobile app, SBS on Demand, viewed 15 June 2018.

Program or series:

Director, AA (Dir.) year released, Title of program (in italics), Executive Producers (Exec. Prods.), format, Name of channel, viewed DD month YYYY (broadcast date or viewed date if streaming) <URL>.


Doctor Who series 1, 2005, Davies, RT, J Gardner & M Young (Exec. Prods.), television program, ABC, viewed 2-6 March 2016.

McCagh, D (Dir.) 2017, One shot: an image and an attitude​, D McCagh & R Todd (Prods.), streaming media, ABC iView, viewed 16 October 2018, <>.

Goguen, M (Dir,) 2013, Scooby Doo and the spooky scarecrow, S Register (Exec. Prod.), mobile app, ABC iView, viewed 7 November 2018.

Episode in series - e.g. television series:

Episode on television:

Director, AA (Dir.) year released, 'Episode', in Title of program (in italics), Executive Producers (Exec. Prods.), format, Name of channel, viewed DD month YYYY (broadcast date or viewed date if streaming), <URL>.


Barker, M (Dir.) 2018, 'Unwoman', in The handmaids tale, B Miller, W Littlefield, R Morano, D Wilson, F Sears & I Chaiken (Exec. Prods.), Television program, SBS on Demand, viewed 18 May 2018, <>.

Episode on DVD:

Director, AA (Dir.) year released, 'Episode', in Title of program (in italics), Executive Producers (Exec. Prods.), format, Studio, viewed date.


Kelljan, B (Dir.) 1977, 'The man who could move the world', in Wonder Woman, DS Cramer (Exec. Prod.), DVD, Warner Home Video, viewed 18 October 2018.

In-text citation:

The emergence of a new character ... (Barker 2018).

Doctor Who series 1 (2005) introduced us to...

Audio - Radio/Podcast


  • Use the format most applicable - e.g. radio program, radio program episode, radio program transcript, audio download, podcast.
  • Audio formats can include traditional radio stations, internet radio or podcast channels.

EndNote Reference Type: 

  • Audiovisual material

Show or series:

Radio show:

Presenter, AA (Pres.) year, Title of program (in italics), Format, Name of channel, DD month YYYY (original transmission) accessed date, <URL>.


Hadley, R (Pres.) 2018, Ray Hadley's morning show, radio program, Radio 2GB, 14 May 2018, accessed 14 May 2018, <>.

Episode in series:

Radio show episode:

Presenter, AA (Pres.) year, 'Title of episode', Title of program (in italics), Producers (Prods.), format, Name of channel, DD month YYYY, (original transmission) accessed date, <URL>.


Scott, K & Moore, R (Pres.) 2018, 'Hello Harry', How green was my cactus, L Wilson (Prod.), Radio program episode, streaming media, 18 October 2018, accessed 18 October 2018, <>.

Williams, R (Pres.) 2018, 'I stress, you stress, how do we stress less?', Ockham's razor, J Bullen (Prod.), Radio program transcript, ABC Radio National, 30 September 2018, accessed 19 October 2018, <>.

In-text citations:

Hadley (2018) mentioned on the morning show ...

In the Hello Harry episode, the Invictus Games...(Scott & Moore, 2018)

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