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Interactive Rubric for Written Communication: For Lecturers

This guide will help you understand common conventions of academic writing and the application of marking rubrics


How could I use the IRWC with my students?


The IRWC Guide can be used in different ways to support students' academic writing.  The uses range from limited and passive to extensive and active to suit individual staff and subjects. The following list of uses moves from passive to active.

  1. Mention the IRWC Guide in a lecture as a resource to support their academic writing.
  2. Provide the IRWC Guide URL (i.e., https://libguides.jcu.edu.au/irwc) in a Subject Outline or by group email. (see Example 1)
  3. Use a hyperlink to embed relevant IRWC criteria in an assessment Task Sheet.
  4. Use relevant IRWC criteria as actual criteria in an assessment Criteria Sheet (i.e., rubric). (see Example 2)
  5. Provide assessment feedback using some specific IRWC criteria to help students access support for specific aspects of their writing.  (see Example 3)
  6. Offer a short demonstration of the IRWC in a lecture or tutorial.
  7. Use the IRWC to structure a short lecture or tutorial activity.
  8. Use the IRWC to structure a writing workshop for a group of students needing support.
  9. Use the IRWC to discuss a particular piece of writing with a small group or individual student.


Example 1. The IRWC Guide URL in a Subject Outline

IRWC link in a subject outline example


Example 2. Relevant IRWC criteria used as actual criteria in an assessment Criteria Sheet


Example 3. Specific IRWC criteria used in assessment feedback to help students access support for specific aspects of their writing.

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