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Interactive Rubric for Written Communication: 4.2. Paragraph

This guide will help you understand common conventions of academic writing and the application of marking rubrics



Definition (formal)

Paragraphs are groups of sentences that are united by a common theme or idea related to the overall topic or purpose of the writing. The structure of paragraphs varies greatly.  Many paragraphs in formal writing include (a) a topic sentence to identify the main idea or theme of the paragraph, (b) supporting sentences to provide elaborations, evidence, and/or examples for the idea, and (c) linking sentences that connect the idea to the main thesis and/or the next paragraph.

Definition (informal)

Paragraph: Which sentences go together?


For example, the the Persuasive Essay Example includes four paragraphs.  The second paragraph begins with a topic sentence:

The dichotomy between nature and nurture is arguably false because the concepts are relative and mutually dependent categories.

It continues with some supporting sentences which include examples:

For example, a society that values and nurtures logico-mathematical intelligence due to selection pressures in a particular environment (e.g., how to engineer and throw a spear to kill a woolly mammoth) may select genes related to intelligence that appear natural to successive generations.

And, it ends with a linking sentence that relates to the overall thesis:

Thus, the dichotomy between nature and nurture only appears when the concepts are compared in a single generation.

Resources (textbook)

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Resources (web)

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