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Using EndNote with Google Docs

There is no EndNote Cite While You Write tool available for Google Docs (some other citation managers will work with Google Docs).

However it is still possible to use EndNote with Google Docs by inserting unformatted citations, saving it as an RTF file and then formatting the document using EndNote.

Step 1: Highlight the references in EndNote

Step 2: Drag and drop the references into your document. This will create an unformatted citation. 

Alternatively, manually insert unformatted citations in the format {first authors surname, year #record number}. To see the record number, in EndNote, right click on the display fields shown in the middle panel and tick Record Number to add it to the display.

Step 3: Save your completed document as a RTF or ODT file.


Step 4: From Endnote, select Tools→Format Paper→Format Paper.  Select your unformatted .rtf or .odt file

Step 5:  In the Format Paper box, select the Output style (e.g. APA) and then select format.

Name the file and choose where to save it.
*Note - Do not load this version back into Google Docs or the formatting will disappear again.

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